Finally, a guide to the National Parks written for children.
Join Tedrick de Bear™ as he travels across the United States by way of his favorite National Parks and Monuments.

America’s National Parks
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Filled with full-color photographs and graphics designed to engage, Teddy's Travels™ takes you on a fun-filled "Venture™ with first-hand information, web addresses and scavenger hunts. Learn how to visit a National Park from the Visitor Center to a wilderness hike.

Join the CubClub™ and be the first in your neighborhood to go on a ‘Venture with Tedrick de Bear™. You’re sure to have a great time and who knows, you might just bump in to Tedrick™ as he’s writing the next edition of Teddy’s Travels™!

Teddy's Travels™ is all about learning through the world around you. Take photographs, write about what you've seen, collect stamps from the Visitor Centers
and keep it all in one place.

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Lots of Maps!

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